Welcome to New Life Church!

At New Life, we want to follow Jesus and experience the abundant life that is found in Him! We live well by walking in communion, community, and calling.

Communion: God created us to live in close relationship with Him and know His love. Day by day, we seek to deepen our communion with Him, live in His abiding presence, and experience the joy of His life.

Community: We are designed to live in connection with others. As followers of Jesus, we are part of God's family, and we love one another and our neighbors the way Christ loves us. We are intentional about sharing life together and encouraging and building one another up in Jesus.

Calling: We believe that God has purpose for everyone. We are made in His image, and we represent Him by sharing the good news of His love and by blessing those around us. God calls us to love and serve like Jesus.

Join us as we fellowship, worship, serve, and grow!