– Pastor Brandon’s article from the November 2018 Newsletter In the gospel of John, Jesus describes himself as the good shepherd. He exclaims that he has come so that those who trust in him may be saved–that they may have life, and have it to the full. As the good shepherd, he offers eternal life. […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the July 2018 Newsletter “Dad!” – I couldn’t tell you the number of times I hear that name every day. William and Kate love to have me around, and whenever I’m with them I feel like I am constantly in an echo chamber. “Dad, dad, DAD!” Usually, they call out […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the November 2017 Newsletter With our third little one on the way, Hannah and I have begun the search for a new vehicle that will hold our growing family. We’ve been looking locally and online for about a month now, and a few days ago, we made a trip to […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the April 2017 Newsletter A few weeks ago we introduced the song “Build Your Kingdom Here” to our congregation during our worship service. It has been one of my personal favorites over the last several years, and I am praying that it will bless, encourage, and challenge you as well. I […]

– Pastor Brandon’s Article from the August 2015 Newsletter Do you ever struggle with how to pray?  I often wonder, “What should I say?  How should I say it?”  Sometimes I hear others pray, and I think, “Wow! that person sure knows how to talk with God.  I wish I could pray like that.”  Now, […]