– Pastor Brandon’s article from the February 2018 Newsletter In just a few short weeks, Hannah and I will be welcoming a new little one into our family. Anticipation is building as we approach the due date. Is the baby a boy or a girl? We’ll find out soon. The first two were early arrivals, […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the August 2016 Newsletter This morning was an “I don’t want to go to school” morning.  After breakfast, we started getting ready for the day, and William wasn’t having any part of it. “I want to stay here with you,” he cried.  “Mommy and daddy are going to work, and you […]

– Virginia’s Article from the October 2015 Newsletter Pause: How often do we just pause and enjoy the presence of God?  When we pray, we are quick to jump to the asking part, instead of thanking Him and loving Him first. We try to obey His commands and help one another out and live the […]