– Virginia’s article from the December 2017 Newsletter Most of our church family–especially kids and parents–know me best through my position as Director of Kids Ministry. But in this article, I’d like to share my heart simply as a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, and a sister in the Lord. Another year is […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the May 2017 Newsletter “I’m full,” I think to myself as I look at the remains of dinner on my plate. I can’t eat anymore. I’m not even sure if it still tastes good because I’m so stuffed, but the food is there in front of me. So, for some reason, […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the February 2017 Newsletter Each and every day we are bombarded with people in need. Our families, our coworkers, our neighbors – the world is filled with people who need help, and as followers of Christ, we know that God has called us to share his love. Yet, at times we […]

– Pastor Brandon’s article from the June 2016 Newsletter This morning I rolled out of bed and reached for my phone.  I know, I have a problem.  I admit it.  I need help, but I’ll save that discussion for another time.  Here’s the truth:  I rolled out of bed, and I reached for my phone.  I […]

Sometimes, as Christians, we have this notion that we’re always supposed to have a smile on our face, that we should be happy and joyful all the time. We think that if we allow ourselves to feel anger, sadness, or fear, we have somehow failed as followers of Jesus. That is simply not the case. […]