A Life of Small

“I lie down and sleep, I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.” 

-Psalm 3:5

This sounds like life, everyday life – nothing thrilling to it, just “keeping on keeping on.” 

Yet, perhaps there is more to the everyday life than we realize.  David wrote this passage as he was fleeing from his son Absalom – not a happy time of life.  He was looking for deliverance, but this was not the  time of deliverance – it was the time of waiting.

Does that sound like the story of our lives?  We may not be fleeing from a son who is trying to kill us, but we have our own trials, and it seems that so much of our lives is waiting for deliverance.

We live our lives constantly looking for the “big moments.”  We want to see deliverance from our trials, have breakthroughs, etc.  These “big moments” are few and really only the small part of our lives.  We don’t marry the love of our life one day, the next day restore another relationship damaged by long-term strife, win a million bucks the following day, witness a physical healing the day after, and so forth. 

No, even though we love those moments and keep waiting for them to happen, we spend much of our lives in the everyday life . . .  And, that is where God sustains us. 

We often think we need those “big moments” to see God move, but more often God is moving in our “small moments” – in our everyday lives.  Those big moments leave us feeling strong and victorious, but in those moments where we feel the threat of defeat, God is certainly there.  He strengthens us, lifts us up enough to keep pushing through what seem to be day-in, day-out struggles. He is a God of endurance – “His love endures forever”, and He sustains us so that we can endure through life.  Yes, we have the occasional big moments, but the small moments leading to those big moments are the bigger portion of our lives.  Let’s not miss out on the presence of God in them. 

To put it in the words of a famous Disney movie, let’s “keep swimming, swimming, swimming,” but as we do, instead of living for the “big moments” that happen occasionally, let’s live for the biggest relationship we can have – with the God who sustains us.

  —Hannah Carter