How Do You Stir Up Your Love?

– Virginia’s Article from the February 2016 Newsletter

We genuinely care for one another. We show others that we are there for them in whatever they are going though. We offer help, prayers and comfort, a phone call or even a meal. We encourage and motivate others to continue with that practice for their friends who are in need.

We create this amazing chain reaction of good works and blessings. We simply love one another! If we can accomplish that, we not only bring ourselves closer to one another as friends, we are also on the right track to follow Jesus’ commandment found in John 13:34:

“A new commandment, I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

Wouldn’t it be great if our kids learned how to show Jesus’ love though our own actions and abilities? Wouldn’t it be great for them to have first hand knowledge of how to care, love, and pray for their friends and, in turn, have that wonderful feeling of accomplishing something for God? And, don’t we all want that feeling?

Isn’t it exciting how simply being a friend is how God wants us to live? So, let’s allow God to move though us to show our kids how to live for Him.