– Virginia’s Article from the October 2015 Newsletter


How often do we just pause and enjoy the presence of God?  When we pray, we are quick to jump to the asking part, instead of thanking Him and loving Him first. We try to obey His commands and help one another out and live the life that we think is pleasing to Him. But do you, as a child of God, ever just enjoy his presence?  Are we teaching our kids to enjoy the presence of God?

I have found that we need to teach our kids more than just Bible stories, but also how to apply them to their lives.  In order for them to learn God’s voice, we can show them how He spoke to people throughout the Bible and how the Holy Spirit is always with us. We can show them how to take what we are learning on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and apply it to the rest of the week.  He wants to be in every part of our kids’ lives, in the day-to-day activities at school—as well in their lives at home, on the field, or at a friend’s house.  By teaching them these values now, they will be more confident in Christ later on in their lives. We are training up these kids in the way they should go. (Proverbs 22:6).

Do our kids ever get a time-out … with God?  To hit the pause button on their busy lives, long enough so they can hear His whispers?  Do we? We all need that quiet place where we can clear our heads, pause, take a breath and breathe…. and experience the presence of God.  “When we turn our attention to Him, He enables us to live with our minds cleared of the things that distract us from Him.”*

This past week, I paused long enough in my busy schedule to let Lynlea help me make dinner. I knew it would take twice as long; but because I paused and gave her a chance, we had a great couple of hours together.  I wasn’t stressed over the things that weren’t getting done. Instead, we learned and laughed, and I enjoyed her presence in the meal that night.  One thing that I realized from this is that my goal should be to pause, take a breath and soak in more of God’s glory, to see and enjoy His presence in every aspect of my life.  I want to be able to learn and laugh with Him, to hear his whispers and let Him lead me. (Psalm 16:11)

God has great things planned out for each of our kids.  Will they pause long enough to hear Him lead them into the greater things he has in store for them?

*Nancy Grisham, Thriving: Trusting God for Life to the Fullest (Baker Books 2013)