Kids Camp

– Virginia’s Article from the September 2015 Newsletter

As I write this, it’s the day after Church Camp. Total exhaustion is still present even after finally being able to sleep in my own bed for more than 4-5 hours of unbroken sleep.

Hallelujah for that!

I really can’t describe the week I just had. I was able to grow so much closer to God and the kids that came. I know this camp was for kids, but WOW! How awesome is it that I would be able to come back home with such a fire for God and passion for these kids to experience the power of God’s love!

Our theme this year was “God’s Most Wanted”, and seeing these kids come to know that God loves them and wants them was absolutely tremendous. I have never been in a place where kids showed so much emotion with the way that God was moving through those services. It truly was spectacular.

I personally felt the Spirit of God moving within me more than I ever had, and it was amazing! I prayed for these kids, worshiped with these kids and grew closer to these kids. I have realized that I am nowhere near qualified to be in this position, but with the Lord’s help I can do this! I can teach them to know the love and power of Jesus. I can help instill in them the ways in which God wants them to grow and live for him. I can help them learn to show others his love and to relay the message of being His most wanted.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to be a part of this camp!